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New & Used Bicycles - Bicycle Rebuilds - Bicycle Parts - Bicycle Accessories
- Bicycle Paints - Bicycle Repairs - Bicycle Umbrella Repair - LPG Bottles
- Car Accessories - Hand & Power Tools - Garden Tools - Doxato Dramas


In our shop, our love for cycling and our experience as professionals shape our identity. We're here to help you find the perfect bike for you, as well as address your every need and question. Our wide variety of products, combined with our competitive prices, make our store the ideal destination for all bike enthusiasts, regardless of age. We also provide a multitude of services, meeting even the most demanding needs of our customers.

In our store, you will find:

  • New and used bikes.
  • Bicycle rebuilds.
  • Bicycle spare parts.
  • Bicycle accessories.
  • Bike paint services and special effect colors.
  • Bicycle repairs.
  • Bicycle umbrella repair.
In addition we stock car items such as windscreen wipers, lamps, steering wheel mats and covers, sun visors and snow blankets, as well as a variety of garden items, hand tools, car accessories, household cleaning supplies, church supplies, gas cylinders, stoves, gas appliances and spare parts . We also offer charcoal at low prices.



At our store, we emphasize prompt service and technical support to ensure our customers' satisfaction.

Especially when it comes to bike paints and special effect colors, we offer:

  • Electrostatic paints.
  • CARBON paints.
  • Metallic color techniques.
  • Metallic paints of superior metallic gloss.
  • Real stone effect creation for bikes and Moto.
  • Alkyd paints.
  • Heavy metal silicone paints.




We invite you to visit our store and discover the extensive range of products and services we offer.
Our team is here to serve you with cordial hospitality and professionalism. If you have any question or need, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you for choosing our store for your needs!